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Joyous is a software foundation for agile culture, and a powerful symbol of positive change.

Joyous builds psychological safety, trust and an Agile mindset. It encourages people to accept and seek out feedback, take risks and be innovative. Joyous was built for Agile. It supports complex relationships and reporting lines (squads, tribes, chapters, coaches) and provides agile-aware theme extraction and analysis.

Joyous values...

Business outcomes over measurement and compliance.
Open and owned over anonymous and unowned.
Frequent small actions over big slow actions.
Getting feedback to where it's useful over following the hierarchy.
Participation and inclusion over rigid experimental design.
Usefulness for employees above everything else.

Check out the Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto for more on Joyous’s guiding principles.

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Joyous works for your Agile transformation, not against it

Traditional employee feedback approaches aren’t designed for Agile.

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Hierarchical structure. Assumes command-and-control, and simple hierarchy. Feedback only flows to the top of the tree. Nothing ever changes.


Agile structure. Flat and fluid, with employees aligned with more than one group. Feedback can flow many directions, to the right people in squads, tribes and chapters or to subject matter experts. Designed for frequent squad reconfiguration.

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Feedback is one way and anonymous. It is collected in secret - reinforcing the idea that speaking up is unsafe.


Agile enterprises favour creating transparency and psychological safety. Feedback is two way (or more) and open. Everyone is supported to feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

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Feedback is more about measurement than action. The target outcome is program development driven by management committee.


Agile champions frequent small actions by empowered employees. Priority is given to those actions that most benefit customers.

“Joyous enables the problem to be solved at the place it should be solved and it aligns perfectly with Agile.”

Joyous is designed for all stages of Agile transformation

Joyous is an essential part of de-risking an Agile transformation, and can be configured for every stage of agile maturity. It helps people develop an Agile mindset and speeds the adoption of Agile ways of working. Open, action oriented feedback is a strong signal to your organisation that things are changing.


For organisations that are early in their Agile journey: even those that have yet to commit to Agile. Joyous will build the open dialogue needed to make Agile a success in the future, and will also map Agile readiness. There are specific conversation sets to gather employee feedback as part of an Agile rollout.

Happy guy saying I know exactly what this change means for meHappy guy saying I know exactly what this change means for me

Agile Adoption

Joyous has conversation sets for understanding, improving and removing roadblocks to Agile adoption. It will also provide you a measure of your Agile adoption broken into areas like Rituals, Mindset, and Structure. Joyous will map to your Agile structure (Tribes, chapters, etc.) and direct feedback as these structures bed down.

Man pointing at camera saying the things I work on make a big difference to our customers livesMan pointing at camera saying the things I work on make a big difference to our customers lives

Already Agile

Where Agile is embedded, use Joyous for transparent, action oriented feedback on a range of relevant topics, across different cohorts. Route all feedback to the relevant places in your Agile structures.

Woman signalling OK saying our meetings are always super productive. love my squadWoman signalling OK saying our meetings are always super productive. love my squad

Mixed Agile

Mix and match conversation sets according to your teams’ needs. Choose from our Agile, Change Management, Employee Experience, Performance and Health and Safety libraries. We help you optimise your conversation schedule so everyone gets the right content at the right time - without getting overwhelmed.

Woman holding phone saying I know we're all on the same page when it comes to achieving our objectivesWoman holding phone saying I know we're all on the same page when it comes to achieving our objectives

Closed loop conversations make a difference for individuals at work

Joyous Agile libraries

Joyous starts weekly conversations by asking provocative questions, which are scheduled in campaigns. Each campaign creates dialog and action on specific topics, as well as providing measures and insights related to those topics. Topics might be things like Collaboration, Rituals, or Systems.

Practices and mindset

Joyous campaigns don't just focus on Agile practices. They also help shift employees to an Agile Mindset, improving squad collaboration and productivity, and increasing the speed at which squads deliver customer value. Find out why building an Agile mindset is critical to your success.

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Joyous includes Agile conversations on...

Processes - Rituals, Planning, Performance
Structure - Responsibilities, Team structure, Governance
Technology / Environment - Physical environment, Delivery pipeline, Systems
Mindset - Collaboration, Adaptablity, Learning cycles

Agile Culture and Evironment - Clarity, Responsibility, Physical Environment
Agile Well-being - Workload, Security, Support
Agile Fairness and Inclusion - Belonging, Opportunity, Fairness
Agile Engagement - Energy, Immersion, Dedication

Check out our Resources for advice and guides.