Checking in with your people in lockdown

Cal Tokorangi
Cal Tokorangi | September 08, 2021
Employee Experience
Checking in with your people in lockdown

It’s so important to regularly check in with your people in these unprecedented times. Regular conversations can highlight some common areas of concerns that need swift attention. They can also reveal seemingly trivial issues that are having a big impact on your people’s work and well-being.

Stacey works in the office for a large manufacturing business. When Australia went into lockdown, she found herself struggling to adapt to working from home.

Her work set up at home was not very comfortable and her monitor wouldn’t connect to her work computer, limiting her ability to do her work. Stacey found these things annoying but never thought to raise these concerns with anyone at work. With all the stress of the pandemic, she didn’t want to make a fuss.

Then Stacey’s organization started using the Joyous Covid-19 Check-in Conversation Set to regularly send the team questions over a two week period. This helped the company understand what the needs of their people were and how they could support them. One of the questions sent was:

A conversation in joyous

On a scale of 0-10 how much do you agree or disagree with the following statement:I have the essentials I need to work from home.

Stacey scored the question a 5, then moved on to the conversation starter:

Is there anything that would help you do your job better?

Stacey took this opportunity and mentioned her home environment and how a chair and monitor would help her. After reading her response, Stacey’s manager offered to organise a monitor and office chair from work to help her be comfortable and help her do her work.

Having these conversations not only resulted in positive action for individuals, but also allowed for more widespread issues to be raised and addressed.

For instance, a common theme that came up in feedback was that people were struggling to balance work and childcare. So in addition to following up with people individually, the company also sent comms to everyone promoting flexible working hours. They assured those with family commitments that their salaries wouldn’t change during lockdown - even if their hours had to.

Tackling issues like these quickly can make a massive difference for your people. If you’re not sure how to get started, our Covid-19 Check-in Conversation set is open source and available to anyone, not just Joyous customers. More information on how to use it on your existing online communication channels can be found here . Alternatively, we can quickly onboard new customers and roll out this campaign for your organization.

We have a range of open source conversation sets available - click here to view them all.

Download the conversation set

We’ve worked with our customers to come up with a series of quick check-in questions. They’re designed to make sure working people feel supported right now, regardless of their circumstance. And the answers should help leaders fine tune their COVID-19 plans.