Turbo boost your agile adoption with Joyous

Ruby Kolesky
Ruby Kolesky
Turbo boost your agile adoption with Joyous

Turbo boost your agile adoption with Joyous

Joyous is a feedback tool designed for regular, attributed conversations. Using Joyous in an agile context underpins the basic principles of collaboration and timely feedback, and helps to reinforce the trust equation.

About the conversations

Our Agile Adoption conversation set consists of 24 conversations geared to increase agile adoption and performance in squads.

This set is designed to:

  1. Uplift individual adoption of a growth mindset
  2. Improve collaboration at a squad level
  3. Assist with diagnosing and addressing agile risks at the enterprise level

As you may already know, agile squads work in a collaborative and self organising way. An individual’s ability to adapt to new practices and processes plays an important role in their success within the squad.

Timely feedback can really help the person to course correct - enabling them to better serve the objectives of the squad, while also keeping the environment and culture positive and supportive.

These conversations are designed for individuals within a squad to self reflect, and also offer support to other squad members directly in Joyous.

They are curious questions that don't bruise egos, and they are written in simple English - ensuring that people with a low reading age or English as a second language will be able to understand and participate equally.

Pick an approach that suits your needs

Consider whether you want to kick start agile performance, consistently maintain a growth mindset, or balance either of these with employee experience. Whatever your situation, we have an approach ready to go for you.

  • Ongoing: Run the conversation set on an ongoing basis, starting one focused conversation per week - matching the continuous feedback model advocated in agile. This approach results in 6 monthly repeat cycles and enables you to: monitor and compare performance over time, and maintain the growth mindset for each individual.
  • Outset / One-off: When your organisation first switches to an agile operating model these conversations could be used for the first 6 months. This will help uplift adoption and productivity at the outset. Thereafter you could switch to the Agile Employee Experience Genome Project.
  • Interlaced with Employee Experience: You may want to balance your focus on agile productivity and growth mindset with your desire to uplift employee experience. In this case you could alternate between these conversations and our EX Genome for Agile conversations on a weekly basis. This means over the course of a year, half the conversations are geared to agile productivity and the other half on employee experience. This is a holistic approach, and our recommended one for an organisation that is all-in for agile.
  • Intermittent: You could run the conversation set once a year. Resulting in six months on and six months off. This would leave you the other six months to focus on other topics without fatiguing your employees and allowing space for employee experience, health & safety or other areas of interest.
  • Crowdsourcing your agile transformation: If you're in the process of determining the path forward for your agile pilot, you can blast a variation on our questions around mindset to identify which parts of the organisation have a more fixed or growth mindset. This would inform candidates to run the pilot with and allow you to begin working on shifting to a growth mindset in divisions that are more fixed ahead of the transformation.

Whatever your approach, using Joyous and the Agile Adoption conversations will be a way to: open up the dialogue across all the key stakeholders in your organisation; demystify the health of agile in your organisation; and take the guess work out of understanding how to improve productivity across your agile squads.

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