Sales Executive

Texas, USA


Joyous is meaningful software that makes a positive difference for people who work in enterprises. This is an opportunity to be part of our early team and help shape how we sell Joyous in the USA. We're looking for a special kind of person - able to sell, with a depth of expertise in relevant target markets, an ability to share and learn, and who has a real passion for making the world a better place.

Why Joyous?

Joyous is employee feedback for the modern large enterprise, and it’s very different to anything else on the market. Joyous emphasizes transparent, actionable feedback and encourages conversations around important topics like culture, well-being and engagement. It’s the polar opposite of the anonymous survey and is particularly suited to agile enterprises as well as those on the journey towards agile.

Our clients use Joyous for a range of feedback, including topics that are specific to their business. They’re very happy to explain the difference that Joyous has made to their peoples’ lives at work.

Joyous is headquartered in New Zealand, which has a vibrant tech scene that’s home to many world-leading software businesses. Our founding team is well-known, and we have world-class investors committed to our cause. The market is huge, and the product is way ahead of the competition. The company is still young (fewer than thirty staff) so this is your chance to help build a great place to work, with a team who loves what they do.

  • Purpose - we do something that really makes a difference for people who work, and for the companies they work in.

  • People - we're careful about hiring people that are both great at what they do and (more importantly) match our values. Which means it's a pleasure to come to work.

  • Autonomy - at Joyous you decide the best way to do your work and shape our growth. You'll get the support you need, and the freedom to do great things.

Joyous in the USA

We intend to build a sales pod in DFW. This team will grow over the coming year to around five people focused on sales, consisting of a mix of salespeople, associate(s) doing targeted outreach and pre-sales.

While Joyous can benefit any large or very large enterprise, our initial go-to-market focus is on Telco/cable/media and Agile enterprises (existing agile or transforming to agile).

We have experience ramping up salespeople in a virtual world - we've gone through the process over the last six months with the successful establishment of our first sales pod in Australia. We have refined the sales process and understand the support required. Most importantly, we’re good at making sure the remote sales team is fully included and tightly linked to the team in New Zealand.

The time difference between New Zealand and Texas works well. We've been managing our largest customer in central time for well over a year without issues. The time difference is between five and seven hours depending on the time of year, so much of the Texas afternoon overlaps with the New Zealand morning.

We’re looking for three things

  • Cultural Fit. You're attracted to our purpose, want to collaborate with great people, care about learning and helping others learn, and you’re trustworthy and respectful of others.

  • Depth. You understand the target market (telco and/or agile), have an established network, relevant deep experience and a hands-on attitude. You want to get immersed and understand the process.

  • Sales Orientation. Whether or not you have a formal sales background, you see selling as a profession, love challenges, believe in process and focus on closing deals. You're able to think on your feet and can read people well. You know how decisions are made in large enterprises and you can maintain momentum and engagement over long sales cycles.

What does relevant deep experience look like?

  • Telco/cable/media. Relevant experience would be in the telco/cable/media industry related to operations/field enablement (adoption of new tools and processes), agile implementation, workforce transformation, or People and Culture.

  • Agile. Experience in large organizations that have implemented agile across the organization, or with agile transformation. You may have been a leader in the business or working for a consulting practice focused on agile.

Your Background

  • 5+ years’ experience in Business Development and Sales, preferably in software.
  • Preference towards 1+ year selling SaaS in HR sector.


  • Senior experience in a related field (HR, Employee Experience, Org Psych), with some selling orientation.
  • Strong existing networks and senior relationships within major enterprise organizations.
  • Experience with 6 figure deals and 6-12 month sales cycles.

Your success factors

  • You have a strategic, consultative mind. You’re smart, and open to working in a team to find better ways to work.
  • You’re entrepreneurial and a self-starter.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Relationship builder.
  • You feel a connection with our purpose and values, and will make a strong contribution to our company culture.

Our Values

Be excellent to each other

We are a community that cares for each other. We embrace our differences and value our unique perspectives. We bring our best selves to work, make everyone feel welcome, and celebrate our successes as a team.

Grow together

We’re always open to new ideas and new ways of working. Joyous is a safe place for everyone to be curious, to experiment, to share knowledge and collaborate across teams to make magic happen.

Progress over perfection

We pool our knowledge, creativity and tech smarts to get results fast. We identify quick wins, prioritise adding value, and challenge ourselves to work smarter. We’re not afraid of making mistakes; we are afraid of not making progress.

Make work joyous

We take our jobs seriously, not ourselves. We check our egos at the door and make Joyous a happy, fun, and positive place to be. We embrace playfulness and bring a sense of child-like wonder to work with us every day. Learn more about the Joyous culture.

Benefits & Perks

At Joyous, we care about our people and want them to thrive. Here are some of the benefits we're proud to offer:

  • Competitive Salary & Equity Packages
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Plans
  • 401K
  • Flexible Vacation Time


  • Computer Software
  • Human Resources

Employment Type

  • Full-time

Job Functions

  • Sales
  • Business Development

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