Full Stack Customer


If you love customer interactions and are looking for a career-defining role in a company that has: experienced founders; is on a clear and exciting trajectory; is well-funded and does something that makes a positive impact on peoples' lives - then we'd love to talk to you.

At Joyous we are a caring group of people. We support one another, and we care deeply about our customers. We are also unashamedly ambitious - with a clear path to helping make millions of people's lives better at work.

We are looking for someone - hopefully you - to join our full stack customer team and partner with our large enterprise customers to ensure their Joyous experience and outcomes are exceptional.

What does it mean to be full stack customer? It means our customer people are in business development, customer success and account management - all rolled into one! This is one of two roles we’ve invented and if you join us, you’d be one of the few people to shape the future of Joyous.

To be eligible for this role we are looking for someone who is eager to stretch across the stack. Ideally you will have experience in one or two of these areas. At Joyous we deliver value to our customers through collaborative ‘crews’. We recognise it will take time to stretch, so we will support you throughout your journey. We recognise that everyone stretches differently and at a difference pace and that’s fine.

For this role, it's important that you are comfortable being both hands-on and strategic - you will be crucial in helping us achieve our mission. For many current and future customers, you will be the face of Joyous.

We pride ourselves on building partnerships that extend beyond a typical vendor relationship. Often our advice results in significant positive shifts for our customer's organisation. Whether it be shifting their organisational culture, crowdsourcing change, or ensuring the successful adoption of new tools and processes.

You will collaborate with the rest of the customer crew to ensure the customer's needs are well served.

Our US office is based in Dallas, Texas. This role can be remote from elsewhere in the US.


  • Support the sales process. This includes attending sales calls, doing product demonstrations, running pilots, sharing customer case studies and more.
  • Build partnerships. Support our go-to-market by identifying partners and advisors who align with our philosophy and capabilities. Help us get referrals and develop joint offerings.
  • Onboard new enterprise customers. This includes facilitating our streamlined onboarding process; helping customers with change management; hosting live training sessions; and recommending and co-designing the structured conversations delivered to their employees.
  • Expand enterprise accounts. Go from pilot to full-rollout with customers who have 2k-100k+ employees. This includes building relationships with key stakeholders; preparing executive summaries and business cases; hosting focus groups and reporting on results; facilitating internal pitches of Joyous; and ensuring organisation wide governance is working as optimally as possible.
  • Look after customers long-term. This includes regularly capturing how Joyous is supporting business outcomes, having regular check-ins with key stakeholders, offering advice and recommendations on conversations and ongoing adoption, and actioning service requests. Essentially you make sure things are going well and they feel loved by Joyous.
  • Guide large enterprise customers. Advise customers on how they might form a governance structure and process internally to ensure they get the most value out of Joyous, and ideally codify this in such a way it's repeatable for future customers.
  • Influence product direction. Work closely with the product, data science and engineering teams to champion new product capabilities.


Joyous is a great place to work! We provide a product that improves the lives of thousands of workers, and we focus with as much enthusiasm on improving the lives of Joyous people too.

We've found that people grow faster at Joyous than they would elsewhere. We've created a safe place for everyone to experiment, share knowledge, and collaborate in an equal opportunity environment. You can help to drive the direction of Joyous and progress your career as our company evolves.

We take our jobs seriously, not ourselves. We check our egos at the door and make Joyous a happy, fun, and positive place to work.

We also want to shout from the rooftops about the Joyously joyful benefits available to all employees:

  • JoyStock – Stock options give you the ability to participate in the success of Joyous
  • Joyous Home Office – Joyous will cover the cost of a comfortable home office
  • Health insurance – Personal health insurance paid by Joyous to help you stay happy and healthy
  • Counselling Services – Access to free, confidential counselling
  • Joy Days and Joy Trips – Six more long weekends during the year! Road trips with the team!
  • The Joyous Parental Journey – Additional support and flexibility for people with children
  • Merch! – Free and discounted merch from the Joyous merch store

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