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Joyous conversations get people talking about all aspects of the work experience, giving you the opportunity to make everything better.

Employee experience & engagement

Employee Experience is everything people encounter, observe or feel at work. Employee engagement is a measure of the emotional commitment people have to your business and its goals.

The link between experience and engagement is simple. People's engagement levels are the outcome of their experiences at work, and more engaged people put in more effort. Employers care about engagement because it predicts future organizational performance, so designing a great employee experience is worthwhile. It drives results and creates a more happy and productive team.

Joyous breaks Employee Experience into its three most influential categories. These categories group the experiences that most impact a person's engagement, and each has a set of conversations that help people at work talk about their related experiences.

This is the foundation of the Employee Experience Genome Project, the original open source conversation set for people at work.

Two people having a conversation about how they enjoy working collaborativelyTwo people having a conversation about how they enjoy working collaboratively

“Joyous enables people to be brave and courageous and speak up about things that aren't necessarily comfortable.”

Team Performance

Organisation success depends on teams achieving their objectives, not on how well individuals perform.

Backwards-looking individual performance reviews don’t get results. Gartner found that organisations with forward looking reviews improve employee performance by up to 13%, and ongoing feedback instead of episodic improves performance by up to 12%. It’s time to make performance enablement the focus.

Traditional performance models focus on measuring and monitoring individual performance. At Joyous, we believe performance is fundamentally about the team, and that what’s most important is meeting objectives that every team member is aligned with and contributes to.

Joyous Performance Conversations help your teams get aligned - and working - on the things that matter most to the organisation.

Two people having a conversation about making more time to discuss developmentTwo people having a conversation about making more time to discuss development

Health & Safety

Safer organisations perform better. But safer organisations don’t occur by focusing on hazards and incidents. Safety is a natural consequence of focusing on resilience.

Building resilience requires a commitment from the company and the people who work there. Leaders should anticipate changing conditions and any trade-offs (how do we juggle safety, quality and deadlines?), and be able to steer the company accordingly. The people doing the work should have a say in the policies and procedures governing how work is done. And everyone should be talking - always - about the current situation and ways to protect well-being and manage work safely.

Joyous Health and Safety Conversations give you insight into your organisation’s health and safety culture, and help you understand your peoples’ ability to cope in uncertain situations.

Two people having a conversation about feeling overwhelmed at workTwo people having a conversation about feeling overwhelmed at work
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Joyous includes conversations on...

Employee Experience

Culture and Evironment - Clarity, Responsibility, Physical Environment
Well-being - Workload, Security, Support
Fairness and Inclusion - Belonging, Opportunity, Fairness
Engagement - Energy, Immersion, Dedication

Health & Safety

Capacity - Intensity, Flow, Support
Variability - Conditions, Trade-offs, Surprise
Culture - Learning, Empowerment, Understanding
Heath & Safety events

Team Performance


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