Question Set

Employee Experience Genome Project

The Employee Experience Genome Project gives you a free, research-backed, best practice question set and guide to following up feedback.

Question Set

The Health and Safety Question Guide

Free-to-use, research-backed question sets to measure safety readiness and encourage immediate improvements.


New Zealand Employee Experience Benchmark Report

The most complete New Zealand specific dataset for employee experience benchmarking.


Invisible Employees EBook

If you’ve got a distributed workforce but you never hear from the people who work in your stores, drive your trucks, clean your hotels or pour your concrete, then this book is for you.


The Employee Experience Guide

Everything you need to start measuring and improving employee experience and engagement


Creating an Inclusive Employee Feedback Culture with Joyous

A successful employee feedback program goes far beyond simply sending surveys to your staff once or twice a year. Join our next live webinar to learn how to create an inclusive feedback culture.

Case Study

Genesis Case Study: Launching in Lockdown

Genesis has over 1,000 employees spread across the country in a wide range of roles including retail, wholesale operations, delivery and customer service. Work continues for the Genesis team even under lockdown conditions - the electricity must flow.