The Employee Experience Guide

Everything you need to start measuring and improving employee experience and engagement

Creating an Inclusive Employee Feedback Culture with Joyous

A successful employee feedback program goes far beyond simply sending surveys to your staff once or twice a year. Join our next live webinar to learn how to create an inclusive feedback culture.

Genesis Case Study: Launching in Lockdown

Genesis has over 1,000 employees spread across the country in a wide range of roles including retail, wholesale operations, delivery and customer service. Work continues for the Genesis team even under lockdown conditions - the electricity must flow.

Beyond Surveys: How to work conversations

Join our next live webinar and learn how businesses are using Joyous to streamline employee feedback collection while also generating more meaningful conversations and improving engagement across the business.

Employee Wellbeing in a Remote Workplace

Recorded 21 May 2020
It is hard to determine the wellbeing of your employees at the best of times. Over the recent months organisations have experienced unprecedented disruption, which as a result can negatively impact the general wellbeing of your employees, especially in a remote setting.

Launching new systems during COVID-19

Recorded 29 April 2020
Joyous Head of Product Ruby Kolesky and CEO Michael Carden share some of the lessons enterprise clients have learned while launching new systems in the middle of COVID-19 restrictions.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Douglas’s people team wasn’t just looking for another engagement survey. They wanted insights into the company culture, as they were also working on building Douglas’s Growing our Culture of Success program.

Managing feedback for more effective conversations

If you’re in any way worried about dealing with feedback in your teams - or you want to help other people in your organisation deal with their feedback - then this is the toolkit for you. To make training even easier we’ve included presentations for each section.

Case Study:

See why Firstgas says "From the position of making incremental change and having your finger on the pulse, (Joyous is) worlds apart from a yearly traditional survey."

Open employee feedback with Joyous

Joyous Open Feedback is a completely different way of thinking about enterprise feedback. Traditional systems just do measurement. Joyous makes everyone feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback that sparks action.