The Te Reo Māori Performance Conversation Guide

Traditional performance models focus on measuring and monitoring individual performance. At Joyous, we believe performance is fundamentally about the team, and that what’s most important is meeting objectives that every team member is aligned with and contributes to.

The Te Reo Māori Remote Workers Conversation Set

This conversation set is perfect for teams where people usually work remotely. It covers communication & inclusion, well-being, and setup & resources.

The Te Reo Māori Leader Support Guide

This conversation set features seven conversations that have been designed to uplift leader capability when responding to feedback.

The Joyous Agile Manifesto.

We set out to fix employee feedback for Agile enterprises. To make it something that supports an Agile mindset and reinforces agile principles. So we wrote The Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto.

The ADKAR Conversation Guide

We’ve created a conversation set that aligns with the ADKAR model and is centred around individual experiences of change. This set can be used by leaders to prime conversations with their team members about change.

The Agile Employee Experience Genome Project

This guide you how to measure three key categories of employee experience in Agile organisations: Culture & Environment, Fairness & Inclusion and Well-being, along with Employee Engagement and eNPS.

The Agile Adoption Conversation Guide

Everything you need to start talking about Agile adoption at work

How to Elevate the Employee Experience During a Pandemic (and Beyond)

Recorded 19 Nov 2020 2020 has left many of us feeling vulnerable and concerned about their future — 71% of employees and 95% of employers state that they are more stressed this year. That might be obvious, but what is often less obvious are best ways to address this and other challenges today.

Ready for open feedback

Anonymous feedback software doesn't offer you much more than the old fashioned suggestion box. It's time to bring your company out of the employee feedback dark ages. This eBook gives you everything you need to pave the way.

Genesis and HRD: Beyond employee feedback surveys - Working conversations

Recorded 25 Sept 2020 Join Tamara Sallis, Employee Experience Manager at Genesis Energy, along with Mike Carden and Ruby Kolesky from Joyous, as they discuss some key lessons from Genesis’ feedback programme:

The Performance Conversation Guide

The traditional performance review tends to be a largely one-way affair. This guide gives everything you need to start having more meaningful conversations about team performance at work.

Employee Experience Genome Project

The Employee Experience Genome Project gives you a free, research-backed, best practice question set designed specifically for open feedback.