Pathways is designed to help women, Māori, and Pasifika people into a paid software technology role in six months to a year - without needing a degree first.

Psychological Safety for Employee Feedback Ebook

Open feedback represents a shift in the way people interact and discuss feedback. And since leadership is, at its core, a relational and interactive skill, open feedback facilitates a change in the way leaders discuss issues big and small.

How Open Feedback Can Transform Your Business

We've known for a long time that employee feedback is a valuable input for business leaders. But when we look at how most organizations gather feedback today, there is a fair bit of disconnect between what we hoped for and what we're getting. Open two-way feedback fills this gap and enables change occur across organizations.

Closing the Loop with Open Feedback

When people give feedback, ideally, there’s a change or solution implemented to solve the problem they raised. If not, at a bare minimum people want and expect action to be taken. Even if the action is “no, and here’s why,” it’s better than silence. Closing the feedback loop means that managers and leaders respond to and act on all feedback in a timely manner.

Stop the Survey Madness

What if instead of sending another unwanted survey, you could have open conversations that leave employees feeling good about their contributions to your company? We’ll show you five steps to switch from employee surveys to employee conversations and drive engagement and actionable results.

Where HR meets Agile Ebook

HR leaders are at the crossroads of culture and business outcomes. As more businesses become agile, HR leaders need to know how they can drive both.

Joyfully - The Joyous Way of Working

Joyfully provides a thought provoking alternative to Agile Scrum, Shape Up and other methodologies. How Joyous builds software is clarified in short, easily digestible language.

The Joyous Agile Manifesto.

We set out to fix employee feedback for Agile enterprises. To make it something that supports an Agile mindset and reinforces agile principles. So we wrote The Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto.

Ready for open feedback

Anonymous feedback software doesn't offer you much more than the old fashioned suggestion box. It's time to bring your company out of the employee feedback dark ages. This eBook gives you everything you need to pave the way.

New Zealand Employee Experience Benchmark Report

The most complete New Zealand specific dataset for employee experience benchmarking.

Invisible Employees EBook

If you’ve got a distributed workforce but you never hear from the people who work in your stores, drive your trucks, clean your hotels or pour your concrete, then this book is for you.

The Employee Experience Guide

Everything you need to start measuring and improving employee experience and engagement