Building trust and transparency with open feedback

Soon after starting at Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Ceri Rowland convinced the board to take a bold step towards transforming the company’s culture.

Ceri recognised instantly that people were fed up with anonymous feedback that seemed to go nowhere. Employees hated it because they never got responses, and managers hated it because they didn’t know who to follow-up with.

She knew that if they wanted real change in the business, they first had to fix the way they got feedback from their people.

In this webinar, hear how she got the board on-side and how her plan played out:

  • Replacing anonymous surveys with open feedback via Joyous.

  • Empowering managers to respond to feedback and engage in change conversations.

  • Giving individuals ownership of their feedback.

  • Driving change from the edge of the organisation, not from the top down.

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