How to Elevate the Employee Experience During a Pandemic (and Beyond)

2020 has left many of us feeling vulnerable and concerned about their future — 71% of employees and 95% of employers state that they are more stressed this year. That might be obvious, but what is often less obvious are best ways to address this and other challenges today.

The reality is that for most companies, issues around mutual feedback and communication have not yet been resolved. As this uncertainty continues, it is having a devastating impact on the employee experience.

Just how devastating? And how have employers been supporting their workforce during these difficult times? Aptitude Research has launched a major study to examine these and other questions — the answers to which can help you better support and manage your own people.

Join Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, as she shares the results of her research and dives into questions such as:·

  • How companies are communicating with employees in a more meaningful way
  • How companies are rethinking their approach to safety, recognition, and feedback
  • The role technology plays in elevating the employee experience
  • It’s time to rethink how to support your employees through more meaningful feedback, better communication, and wellbeing. Join this webinar to gain a better understanding of challenges, strategies, and future of the employee experience.

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