Employee feedback for large organizations

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Joyous has rebuilt employee feedback to meet the needs of modern enterprises. It’s the only feedback tool specifically made for organizations that champion trust, action and autonomy.

Joyous is designed around owned feedback. When you give feedback in Joyous, you help your leaders turn it into action.

Traditional anonymous feedback systems are focused solely on measurement rather than change. Joyous puts feedback to work solving business challenges and improving customer outcomes.

Conversations that create change

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Power a trust-based culture. Build psychological safety so everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving feedback. Encourage individuals to own their feedback and help drive follow-up actions.

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Understand adoption across the organisation. See how Agile ways-of-working adoption is progressing, by cohort. Identify your champions, reveal roadblocks, and get recommendations for adoption success.

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Achieve an Agile mindset, faster. Start standard-setting conversations on topics like collaboration and adaptability. Focus everyone on their role in achieving positive customer outcomes.

A book cover - the Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto

The Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto

This is not a shake-up, this is a revolution. The era of employee feedback languishing as an HR process is over. Great companies and great thinkers all over the world are unleashing the power of employee feedback onto all sorts of business outcomes. All revolutions need a manifesto. Download ours to find out how ideas like action on the edge, and owned feedback are changing the way we change.

Build trust & transparency through open and owned feedback

When employees give anonymous feedback it becomes ‘someone else’s problem’. In Joyous, everyone owns their feedback, and can work with their leaders to create positive change. Every feature of Joyous is carefully designed to boost psychological safety.

Two people having a conversation about their team working well togetherTwo people talking about how well their team works together

Use conversations to spark immediate action

Traditional feedback systems deliver aggregated feedback to a handful of leaders. It’s useful for high level programs, but it’s slow, and employees will most likely never know how their feedback contributed. Joyous feedback creates immediate - and visible - opportunities for action at the individual level. All of these individual actions add up to a big impact on customer outcomes. And you still get your organisation-wide insights.

two people talking about dealing with interruptions at workTwo people talking about distractions in the office

Get feedback directly to the people who can help

Don’t just send feedback up the hierarchy. Joyous gets feedback to where it’s most useful: to leaders and subject matter experts, to coaches and within squads. And if your people frequently move between teams or squads, their past feedback will always show up where it’s relevant.

Three people having a conversation about their workloadThree people talking about managing their workload

“With anonymous surveys, people abdicate responsibility for a problem but what part do they then play in solving it? Attributable feedback keeps the responsibility with the person and their leader can help them solve it.”

Cover of a book - You are ready for open feedback

Closed loop conversations make a difference for individuals at work

Employee feedback surveys are suggestion boxes with a new coat of paint. Nobody knows who’s said what, and nobody owns the followup. But when feedback is an open conversation, ownership and next steps are obvious. Joyous is built for every conversation that matters to people at work:

Agile adoption and mindset

Transformation and change management

Culture, employee experience, engagement and well-being

The business and world environment

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